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Alixe Wiley
Social Media Coordinator Manager

Alixe Wiley joined Skai Blue Media at the end of 2018. She used her 5+ years of social media brand development and community engagement to charm the Skai Blue Media audience and those of their diverse clients. Alixe’s mind is full of dazzling dichotomies — she’s a creative yarn-spinner with a natural eye for aesthetics, yet logical and sharply analytical, relying on tried-and-true strategies for success, but rebelliously breaking the mold and generating noise whenever she can.



During her time as an undergraduate student at Arcadia University, Alixe worked as a journalist for her college’s publications and Philadelphia Magazine, where she learned the fundamentals of magazine production, writing, research, and photo editing. Her background in retail and e-commerce has resulted in the exposure of numerous fashion and lifestyle businesses within the Philadelphia region, including Anthropologie, Tselaine Boutique and Omoi Zakka Shop.

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