Visit Philadelphia

Visit Philadelphia helps maintain the city’s position as an attractive place to live, work and play.

In recent years, investments for start-ups in the Philadelphia region have grown exponentially, making the city a go -to place for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and other innovative minds. Mission: Amplify the good news about the city and rethink Visit Philadelphia’s strategies to attract visitors to the Philadelphia region.



Skai Blue Media was fully integrated to provide consultation to various departments at Visit Philadelphia: Advertising, Media Relations, Hotel Relations, Digital Content, Communications, Marketing, Integrated Programs and Research. When conceptualizing the Visit Philadelphia EIR program, SBM made sure to leverage the innovation of entrepreneurs from the Greater Philadelphia region to examine Visit Philadelphia’s fulfillment of its mission and vision via its marketing strategies and tactics. After hosting multiple Think Tanks and conducting various personal conversations with local entrepreneurs, SBM’s findings offered expert advice on how to amplify the tourism experience, and produce compelling, measurable outcomes.

SBM provided extensive, in-depth reviews, feedback and ideas for current and upcoming marketing campaigns, social media platforms, reports and more. SBM helped create an updated African American Marketing plan, provided project management, ideas and insight on the Historic Philadelphia initiative; created a “Philadelphia Messaging Document ” for local entrepreneurs to give them appropriate and consistent messaging about Philadelphia and, finally, ideated a digital media series for 2017. SBM identified and applied trends in digital storytelling with national African-American traveler research to create “ We Got You, Philly,” a documentary-style travel video series hosted by Philly native Tarik “Black Thought ” Trotter of The Roots. The five-episode series taped into the power of a national celebrity, pairing Trotter with trendsetting influencers to show off Philadelphia’s food, culture, public art, history, the outdoors and shopping. Finally, SBM implemented the first Entrepreneur in Residence program, with it CEO and President Rakia Reynolds the tourism agency ’s first EIR which focused on promoting the variety of personalities and lifestyles of local entrepreneurs and their businesses.


The digital series alone earned over 10 million views across platforms, over 6 million social views, and won a Silver Addy Award in the Webisodic series category. “ We Got You, Philly ” has been featured at national conferences such as SXSW, Comcast ’s Leadership Conference, the Destinations International CMO Summit, and has been recognized by national media outlets such as Travel + Leisure and Blavity. Additionally, Skai Blue Media secured interest from Aspire T V and Comcast to house the series on their platforms.