Philadelphia Department of Commerce & Amazon HQ


When Amazon announced it was seeking proposals for a second headquarters in September of 2017, cities all across North America took up the challenge. The City of Philadelphia, through the coordinated leadership of the City’s Department of Commerce and its public-private economic development corporation known as PIDC, began an intensive process to respond to the proposal by the October 2017 deadline. Mission: Skai Blue Media was tasked to provide creative direction on the proposal and roll out strategy for accompanying visual and media assets including website and video.


Using the extensive data on the business and industry advantages of the city, Skai Blue Media worked with city stakeholders and business leaders to craft key messaging to show Philadelphia as an ideal place for Amazon’s expansion. Using focus groups, leadership interviews and data, SBM carefully crafted each asset to speak to the benefits and resources Amazon required for their next site.


The City of Philadelphia made it to the second round of the selection process. Later, Skai Blue Media worked with city and region to de -Amazonify the Department of Commerce website Philadelphia Delivers and videos by gathering data, insights and hosting in-person think tanks to inform the re -purposing of the digital assets.