2022 student in cap and gown outside of house

2022 student in cap and gown

Marley Dias On Why Gen Z’ers Must Remain Focused Post-Midterm Elections

“Through making our voices heard, it’s crucial to concentrate on the future.” Gen-Z activist and author Marley Dias, 17, always saw the importance of problem-solving in our society and trying to improve things for the next generation. Although she never specifically had an interest in politics, she knew certain things stood out to her in school regarding politics and teaching students. “I’ve become interested in politics because of my passion for education and not necessarily government itself,” Dias told Girls United.

Her passion for education has always been a part of her life since she created her #1000BlackGirlBook Campaign in 2015. When she was only 11 years old, Dias noticed the lack of Black girls being the main characters in books and decided to create her own database where she collected and donated novels showcasing Black girls with all the main character energy.


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